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American Military University & the California Police Chiefs Association are partners in your professional development.

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You’re Driven to Protect & Serve
We’re Driven to Help You Succeed

California Police Chiefs Association Elit Partner

You have a duty to serve your community, and American Military University (AMU ) is committed to its duty to serve you with affordable and flexible online education.

Continuing education may help meet your goals for advancement or support personal goals related to your law enforcement career and beyond. AMU is ready to help you. As a long-standing partner to the law enforcement community, AMU arms you with your best defense—knowledge, delivered 100% online in a format that fits your life.

We Make Quality Education Affordable

per undergrad course

You are eligible for the CPCA partner tuition and fee rate: $812.25 per course for undergraduate programs and $1,054.50 per course for master’s-level programs.

Out-Of-Pocket Tuition Possible

All U.S. active-duty servicemembers, National Guard members, and Reservists are eligible for our Freedom Grant® that covers undergraduate and master’s-level tuition above the military TA cap of $250/credit hour. Military spouses/dependents are also eligible to receive a grant that covers tuition above the military TA cap of $250/credit hour for undergraduate and master’s-level programs.

Tech Fee

Through this partnership, AMU's $65-per-course technology fee is waived. You still have access to AMU's full suite of online support.

Textbooks & Ebooks

We provide textbooks/ebooks at no cost to all undergraduate, doctoral, and military-tuition-grant-eligible master’s-level students.

Entrance Exams

We have lifted barriers that can prevent from you starting your educational journey quickly.

Application Fee

Our application can be completed at any time during the year at no cost. Programs start monthly. Apply today!

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Giving You Freedom to Learn

Convenient & Flexible

Courses are 100% online with weekly class schedules and no set login times. Programs start monthly, and most courses run 8 weeks.

Transfer-Credit Friendly

It costs $0 to both evaluate and apply transfer credit for previous academic coursework, job experience, and military service.

More Value

At AMU, 72% have graduated with no APUS-incurred student loan debt.

Respected & Accredited

AMU is part of American Public University System, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Several programs have earned specialty accreditation.

Supportive & Personalized

Our advisors are available 7 days a week, and we have a peer mentoring program to provide support when you need it most.

Expert Faculty & Insights

Get career-relevant knowledge from faculty who bring their experience from government, Fortune 500 companies, healthcare, defense agencies, technology firms, and the military.

A Name, Not a Number

Undergraduate classes average 18 students, and master’s-level classes average 10 students.

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Career-Relevant Education for CPCA Members

Learn from faculty and alongside peers with frontline experience in law enforcement, security, intelligence, and the military—building your knowledge in today’s sought-after fields. Here are the top programs chosen by California Police Chiefs Association members. If you have another interest, use our program finder to search other options.

200+ Programs—Find the Best Fit for You

Use our program finder to search all of our online degrees and certificates—from the associate to the doctoral level.

Clear Filters

Since completing my master’s degree with American Military University, many doors have opened to me. I have stepped into the role of chief of police in my community, and what I learned at AMU has benefited me greatly.

Paul LeBaron

Member, California Police Chiefs Association

How To Apply

Enter California Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) as your employer to ensure you receive any relevant educational benefits.

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Learn how your organization's personnel can take advantage of these same benefits as an allied partner of AMU. This gives you turnkey access to a robust suite of material to help you promote this education benefit to your workforce. Learn more here.

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