Univeristy Ambassador Program: In Search of Champions

Be Our Next Champion

The passion and enthusiasm our students and graduates show for this University are among its greatest strengths. In fact, about half of our students become aware of the University through referral by a friend or colleague.

Many of these passionate, outstanding supporters become a University Ambassador. Now, it’s your turn.

The University Ambassador Program, formed in 2008, now comprises hundreds of the brightest and best our University has to offer. This prestigious group of individuals exemplify leadership and scholarship along with a steadfast commitment to the mission of the University.

How Ambassadors Help

An Ambassador’s most important role involves sharing their own unique educational journey with prospective and current students, acting as a key member of our referral network.

Ambassadors are among the first to be called on to share input with University leadership; access networking, volunteer, and professional development opportunities; be featured in a variety of traditional and digital media; participate in industry forums and panels; and speak at events

Ambassadors are selected by application. We welcome new Ambassadors into the program on a rolling basis.

What Our Ambassadors Have to Say